Terms of Service for Commissions

Commissioners must read and agree to the terms below:


Making Orders.

I have the right to refuse orders. I do not do any nsfw material. When sending me your order, please give me your name and include a photo reference and description of what you want commissioned.


Payment is upfront, no exceptions. The commission must be paid in full through PayPal. Please wait for me to send you the invoice, and after it is paid I will begin to work on your commission immediately.

Receiving your Sketch

When I send you your sketch, it will be in jpeg format and at a lower dpi. 
This is your chance to tell me what you want changed. Expressions, details, etc. I will only allow a maximum of 3 changes. After that, I will charge extra.

Changes to Final Image

I will only make changes to the final piece if it was an error on my part (i.e. I missed a detail that you had provided in the order). If it’s a change you want and I did not have clear, obvious information when you ordered the art, I will not make the changes unless additional fees are paid (exact amount to be determined, depending on the scale of the change). The responsibility is on you to ensure your order contains the details you want me to follow. I will not redraw commissions unless payment is sent for a second order.

Permissions with my art

Commissioned pieces are for private use only by the commissioner. You can use it for banners, graphics, personal prints, desktop wallpapers etc, but you cannot use it for any profit. This means you cannot make any money off of it by making merchandise or various products with it.
If I find that you use it for profit, then I will not accept your commissions in the future and warn other artists.
Commissioners are allowed to upload the art wherever, provided my signature is not removed and a link is provided back to my twitter or website.

Rights to the art

The rights to the art remain with me. I will post your commission on any of my social media pages or website. I am the creator of the art, and you only have the rights to your character.

Refund Policy

Please contact me for any concerns you may have. You will not use a chargeback through Paypal for whatever reason.
If I've made some progress on your commission, but you'd still like a refund, you will get a partial refund depending on the work completed.

By commissioning me, it means you have read and accepted all the terms outlined above.
You will adhere to the policy of using the art for personal, non-profit purposes and provide all image credits to me, CometSams/Samantha Rae. Thank you!

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